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Recording splits is a tedious process, we have simplified it by allowing you to import your team roster and record splits like any other stopwatch. When you are done with a run, sign in to your account and review splits from the app, or go to our website,, and download them in to Microsoft Excel to save. Off our website we can help you point out runners who may have been underperforming or overperforming from their average fitness level. The more that is setup before hand on our website the more powerful the app becomes. You can segregate specific athletes into specific workouts, or import your entire roster into a workout.
If you own a TRAC reader, the splitting process will be automated for you; you can watch times stream straight to your smartphone or connected device in live-time then view them at your leisure.
Simplify the timing process. End the hassle of stopwatches, clipboards, and manual data entry. Record lap times worry free, and review times later.